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Kids Town Drop In Care FAQ:

  • What ages do your locations accept?
    Our drop in daycares accept children anywhere from 1 year old to 13 years old! Whether toddler daycare or school age child care our staff are excited and ready to work with your kiddo!
  • What are the minimum and maximum times that can be scheduled for my child?
    At Kids Town, we try to make your life as easy as possible by offering a variety of scheduling options. You can schedule any block of time from 15 minutes to 6 hours! Please feel free to give us a call at 303-699-8410 for other questions!
  • Do you provide meals and snacks?
    You are welcome to provide your own meals or snacks from home at no additional cost. Food items brought into our child care centers must be labeled and kept in an insulated bag or container. We are unable to microwave or refrigerate outside food. Our facilities are NOT nut-free and we are able to accept nut-based meal or snack options. Our staff takes multiple safety precautions to ensure children are not exposed to a possible allergy ingredient. We are licensed through the local Health Department to serve prepared meals. Meals will contain appropriate sizes by child’s age and a main dish, vegetables, fruit and milk. Children will be allowed to have multiple servings within reason. Snacks will consist of goldfish, graham crackers, or pretzels along with fruit and water. Water is always available during a child’s visit. Each meal costs $5.50 and snacks cost $3.25 (Sales Tax included).
  • Are you open on Federal Holidays?
    Kids Town play centers are open for most federal holidays such as Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, and Veterans Day but we do close for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.
  • What do the children do while they are at Kids Town?
    At our daycares, we provide fine and gross motor activities for various ages throughout the day. Our child care professionals facilitate exciting play-based activities, including art, dramatic play, blocks, music, movement, sensory, and science fun. This variety allows children to create, use their imaginations, and promote social and emotional competence through play! For ages 1 - 13 years, we are a wonderful place for kids to play!
  • What is your weather policy?
    Colorado weather can be tricky. All centers currently follow their local school district regarding delays or closures. Sometimes, our drop in daycare centers may close early due to worsening weather conditions. During these times, we will call and notify you if we need your child to be picked up early. Our child care professionals will constantly update our website, Facebook, and newsletter by 6:00 a.m. in case of a delay or closure. If needed, here are the direct links to: Douglas County School District: Cherry Creek School District:
  • Do you do nap time for the little kiddos?
    At our drop-in daycare, nap time is scheduled from 1230-130 every day. This is state-mandated and all children must participate. During this time our staff will work with your child to help them fall asleep or provide a quiet activity for your child while others nap.
  • Are your daycares open on the weekends?
    Yes! All three of our walk in daycare locations are open on Saturdays for weekend child care! We are closed on Sundays so our staff has one uninterrupted day with their families.
  • Are any of your daycares open late?
    Yes! Depending on day/location we offer after hours daycare as late as 10 pm for busy parents! We believe that both night time daycare and Saturday daycare are extremely important to our families. Even the best parents need a break, and we are here when they do!
  • Will my children learn while in your care or just play?
    No matter the age, at Kids Town drop-in child care, we consider ourselves a learn and play daycare! We encourage each child to not only have a wonderful time, but also continuously learn as they interact with their peers, play with new equipment and toys, and practice new social skills.
  • What are my part-time daycare options?
    Whether you wish to pay for 15 minutes for one child or 6 hours for five children, we offer many different cost efficient plans for parents. We encourage parents to give us a call to hear our most recent deals and offerings!
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