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KidsTown Drop-In Child Care Centers

  • Walk-in ChildCare

  • Serving children 1 - 13 years

  • Monday - Saturday

  • After-hours evening care

  • Virtual tour

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Kids Town Drop In Daycare

Why Kids Town?

Kids Town is a top-rated child care service in Colorado. We have been providing drop in daycare to families for over twenty years! Kids Town hires qualified childcare professionals to provide excellent and safe care to your children while they are at our centers. This environment encourages children to not only have fun but also explore and learn as they play! Parent satisfaction is our number one priority. We work hard to make sure that each child has an amazing, safe, and fun-filled time at our children's daycares!

 You Need a Break!

 All parents need a break from time to time, and at Kids Town we are here to help! Let our qualified childcare professionals assist you! Our walk in childcare is available for children 1 - 13 years old for 15 minutes to 6 hours! We are open at each location Monday - Saturday so we can assist our parents when they need us most! Do you work an irregular schedule? Could you use time for a date night or a doctor's appointment? Perhaps you are just visiting the Denver area and need one day daycare. Or maybe you just need bit of time in your day to play catch up. Regardless, Kids Town is here for YOU!

 Preschool Openings:

 Kids Town also provides preschool care to parents with preschool-age children! Our team is comprised of qualified professionals who are equipped to get your kiddo kindergarten-ready! We are more than a drop in daycare and believe that each child can be enriched and equipped while at our locations, no matter their age!

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drop-in child care centers

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Kids Town Highlands Ranch

Kids Town Highlands Ranch

15 minutes to 6 hour time slots available!

Kids Town Parker

Kids Town Parker

15 minutes to 6 hour time slots available!

Kids Town Smoky Hill

Kids Town Smoky Hill

15 minutes to 6 hour time slots available!

Kids Town drop-in child care centers offer walk-in daycare for 1-year-old kiddos through school-age children up to 13 years old! We have daycare open on Saturday and daycare open late for all your emergency childcare needs! At Kids Town, we know that even the most wonderful parents sometimes need a break and a helping hand.

Virtual Tour

The hidden gem for busy parents! Every parent in Highlands Ranch should check out Kids Town for when you need convenient or last minute childcare. Super clean and fun, great teachers, and tons of toys for all ages.

You can just walk in and drop off your kiddos for up to 6 hours. No reservations required! Affordable prices. Kids Town has saved me on multiple occasions where I needed last minute childcare. My kids love it, I love it, and I highly recommend checking out Kids Town.

Sarah May

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